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The Golden mixer's location:

Ruhpolding, Germany

543 m.a.s.l

12/1-16/1 World Cup, Ruhpolding

The first competitions after Christmas are completed!

I’ve felt a bit worn out but I did a ok sprint and finished in 14th place. In the relay I unfortunately had to do two penalty laps, and was my worst relay of all the five years I’ve competed in the World Cup. Because of that it was an even greater pleasure to get the second place in the pursuit, which was also the final race in Oberhof. 

We’ve arrived to Ruhpolding today. Covid is limiting our time together quite a lot, but here we get to live in apartments and us four guys that are sharing the place have been able to hang out a little outside our bedrooms as well. We’ve played a lot of video games, we’re a bit obsessed with Formula 1 at the moment but unfortunately we end up wrecking the car pretty often, which is quite frustrating! At those times it’s good to take a break and do some reading, fortunately “The Hypnotist” by Lars Kepler has turned out to be a great read. 

Ruhpolding will probably be my last competition before the Olympic Games, dress rehearsal in other words. So I’m looking forward to it and I’ll go out there as confident as I can! 

The Golden mixer's journey.

FM Mattsson’s golden mixer is a touchless mixer, specially designed for Sebastian Samuelsson’s world cup bid in the 21/22 season.

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The golden mixers itinerary

Follow Sebastian and the golden mixer on their journey from Östersund and across Europe.

  1. 13/11-14/11 World Cup Idre Fjäll.
  2. 26/11 – 5/12 World Cup Östersund
  3. 6/12-12/12 World Cup Hochfilzen.
  4. 13/12-19/12 World Cup Le Grand Bornand.
  5. 3/1-9/1 World Cup Oberhof
  6. 12/1-16/1 World Cup Ruhpolding.
  7. 14/1-16/1 Stopover before Olympic Games Pre-Camp.
  8. 17/1-23/1 Precamp Olympic Games – Martell.
  9. 28/2-6/3 World Cup Kontiolahti.
  10. 7/3-13/3 World Cup Otepää.

About Sebastian Samuelsson

Sebastian Samuelsson is a Swedish biathlete and Olympic medallist who lives in Östersund, Sweden. He has won silver in the pursuit both at the Olympics and the World Championships and gold in the relay at the Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018, his greatest achievement to date.

Born28 Mars 1997
Height1,83 m
Weight78 kg
ClubI21 IF

About the golden mixer

Why should touchless mixers be restricted to public spaces? They are smart, sleek, ergonomic and hygienic. What’s more, they are just as easy to install and maintain as a traditional mixer. Perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom at home. They can be used by everyone, from families with kids who want to keep bacteria out of the house to avid bakers and home cooks who need an easy way to clean their hands between tasks. And not least for gold-chasing biathletes like Sebastian Samuelsson – who simply cannot afford to fall ill during the season. A touchless mixer makes life easier, allowing you to focus on other things instead. Like winning gold at the world cup, for instance!

The golden mixer is a gilded version of FM Mattsson’s 9000E tronic – a new generation of Swedish-designed touchless mixers.

The Golden Mixer – FM Mattsson