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Östersund, Sweden

Summer greetings from Sebastian

Right now I’m with my girlfriend Linnéa and our Miniature Poodle Albus on a flight between Oslo and Trondheim, after which we will drive home to Östersund. A couple of days ago I ran The St Olavsloppet with a business partner of mine, and while I was there I took the opportunity to visit my mother in Drammen where she lives.

During the summer I’m often asked when the training for next season begins, it seems like there’s a perception that I’m free during the summer, but that is actually not the case. Our competitive season ends the last week of March and then I’m completely free from training until the first of May. I’m probably the guy who does the least training during April out of everyone in the national team, a lot of the others keep active with hikes in the mountains or other physical activities. Myself I like being home and take my focus away from training and skiing. 

This year I actually kept up the training more than usual in April and did a few hours here and there, it’s given me the best start to the season ever! During May I got up to around one hundred hours of training with an additional ten hours in the gym, and roughly 15-20 hours of shooting practice as well, that adds up to around 2,500 shots total. 

The workouts mostly consists of Roller skis, running and bicycle training.  

After that I’ll continue with about the same amount of training as during May until the racing season starts up in November. The longest continuous recovery period I have is four days, but no other holidays or breaks than that. 

When I’m not training I’m pretty much like any other person during the summer, I like going swimming, hang out with friends, eat good food and relax. Myself and Linnéa moved from an apartment to a house in the end of June and it’s been great!

The house is only two years old so there’s not really anything that we need to fix, other than install new mixers from FM Matsson of course!! :) To have our own garden and more space for our things have really given us a jump in our quality of life! 

A big challenge for me during the summer is to get enough hydration. I feel like I sweat a lot normally, but when the temperature reaches 30c both outside and inside it becomes a real challenge to keep my hydration levels in check, especially as my training sessions can last up to five hours. In a single workout I can lose as much as 2-3 litres just through sweating. 

The amount of fluids in your body will affect your performance much more than you can think, and if you become thirsty it’s actually already too late… If you look at it that way you can think of normal fresh water as a real superpower!! :)

A trick I have for keeping a good water balance is to put salt in the water, about half a teaspoon per litre, that will help the body to retain the fluids instead of passing right through you. 

Now our flight is descending into Trondheim, roughly three hours of driving from now we will be home again. A new week begins tomorrow with more training, among many things a 3km running test. 

Don’t forget to have an extra glass of water or two in the summer heat!! :)


Thank you for this time!

The season has come to an end and with it the journey of The Golden Mixer as well. I can look back at a fantastic season - my best one so far.

The Golden Mixer got to travel to eight different countries, Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Estonia and Norway. Eight podium finishes for me in all, six individual and two in relay. All together this lead me to a third place in the total World Cup, something that only one Swedish biathlete has accomplished before, Michael Lövfgren in 1993.

The Golden Mixer has become a big conversation topic on the World Cup tour, both within the team but also with my competition! In the beginning they thought it was a joke – but when it started showing up in all of my hotel rooms they realized that it was for real!! It was really cool actually, and it sure has given a little golden touch to the weekdays :)

I hope that you who are reading this have enjoyed following mine and The Golden Mixer’s journey! Now a calm period awaits me before the preparations for next season begins on the first of May. You’ll definitely hear from me then!


The Golden mixer's journey.

FM Mattsson’s golden mixer is a touchless mixer, specially designed for Sebastian Samuelsson’s world cup bid in the 21/22 season.

Follow its journey on Facebook, Instagram or in person.

The golden mixers itinerary

Follow Sebastian and the golden mixer on their journey from Östersund and across Europe.

  1. 13/11-14/11 World Cup Idre Fjäll.
  2. 26/11 – 5/12 World Cup Östersund
  3. 6/12-12/12 World Cup Hochfilzen.
  4. 13/12-19/12 World Cup Le Grand Bornand.
  5. 3/1-9/1 World Cup Oberhof
  6. 12/1-16/1 World Cup Ruhpolding.
  7. 14/1-16/1 Stopover before Olympic Games Pre-Camp.
  8. 17/1-23/1 Precamp Olympic Games – Martell.
  9. 28/2-6/3 World Cup Kontiolahti.
  10. 7/3-13/3 World Cup Otepää.
  11. 18/3-20/3 World Cup Holmenkollen

About Sebastian Samuelsson

Sebastian Samuelsson is a Swedish biathlete and Olympic medallist who lives in Östersund, Sweden. He has won silver in the pursuit both at the Olympics and the World Championships and gold in the relay at the Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018, his greatest achievement to date.

Born28 Mars 1997
Height1,83 m
Weight78 kg
ClubI21 IF

About the golden mixer

Why should touchless mixers be restricted to public spaces? They are smart, sleek, ergonomic and hygienic. What’s more, they are just as easy to install and maintain as a traditional mixer. Perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom at home. They can be used by everyone, from families with kids who want to keep bacteria out of the house to avid bakers and home cooks who need an easy way to clean their hands between tasks. And not least for gold-chasing biathletes like Sebastian Samuelsson – who simply cannot afford to fall ill during the season. A touchless mixer makes life easier, allowing you to focus on other things instead. Like winning gold at the world cup, for instance!

The golden mixer is a gilded version of FM Mattsson’s 9000E tronic – a new generation of Swedish-designed touchless mixers.

The Golden Mixer – FM Mattsson